The Process

Discover the impact of purchasing a refurbished device.

Step 1: Collection

We collect used devices from the community and either upcycle or recycle them depending on their condition, ensuring every device we receive is saved from the landfill.

Step 2: Upcycle

We refurbish every device so it’s perfect for you, using skilled labour at Goodwill Pivotal Services and a standardized refurbishing process.

Step 3: Resale

Select your device and buy it online or through the phone. We’ll deliver it right to your door on Friday. We save you time, money, and hassle so you can get back to what matters most to you.


Select a device below to purchase, or call 226-271-0115 to place your order.


What we do

RollUP Solutions provides a low-cost alternative to traditionally costly wheelchairs and walkers. We accept gently used mobility devices from the community to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Devices that aren’t sustainably recycled are sent to be refurbished by skilled labourers at Goodwill Pivotal Services, who follow a standardized process that was created alongside local experts. Once the devices are thoroughly inspected and cleaned, they are displayed in our live online inventory. As the devices we sell are used, RollUP is able to offer over a 50% price reduction from the post-insurance cost of a new device. Ordering a device is simple, products can be purchased through our website or by calling out team at 226-271-0115. We then deliver devices right to our customers’ door every Friday.


Why we do it

RollUP isn’t just a business that cares solely about its customers, but also the community in which they live. We strive to be a business that helps our community become stronger during every aspect of our operations. As a group of student entrepreneurs, we wanted to combat the issues that we learn about in the classroom first hand by offering a tangible solution. We want to help the community understand the power of operating a socially responsible business, in hopes that we can inspire others to do the same. We want our customers to feel that they are a part of this mission when they purchase a device from RollUP, as they are helping drive this change by choosing a sustainable alternative.

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At RollUP, our primary focus is providing our customers with what they need most. If you have a question, concern or suggestion please let us know and a team member will get back to you shortly.