DEC 1, 2017


| Wheelchair recycling company aims to provide affordable accessibility to aging Londoners.

RollUP Solutions Inc. accepts gently used mobility devices and upcycles them to provide a low-cost alternative to traditionally costly wheelchairs and walkers.

LONDON, Ontario: RollUP Solutions Inc., a social enterprise based in London, Ontario, has officially started selling gently used wheelchair and walkers to members in the London and area community. By partnering with Long-term Care facilities and Goodwill Pivotal Services, RollUP provides customers with a 50% savings in the post-insurance cost of purchasing a new device.


In Ontario, the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) covers 75% of the purchase price for new mobility devices for those that need them. However, ADP funding requires clients to demonstrate a long-term need and only covers first-time device purchases, leaving people with short-term injuries and the desire for an additional device to pay the astronomical cost for a new mobility device.


RollUP solves this problem by offering devices for less than $500, delivering directly to client homes in London. President of RollUP, Nicole Plant, believes RollUP’s social vision is foundational to its success. “It is exciting to have the ability to develop a business model that is successful and sustainable, while being able to help both the environment and people in our community.” said Plant. “Every device sold represents decreased waste in landfills and meaningful work hours for someone that otherwise might not have had them. It proves that business can be used as a force for good and I hope that RollUP will set an example that other entrepreneurs can follow.”


RollUP serves clients through an online store at and by phone at 226-271-0115. Customers can select from a variety of devices and see pictures of the actual device they will receive within a week.




Grant McNaughton (VP Communications)

[email protected]